Trippy Extrax

Their name justifies their products. Trippy Extrax is one of the leading and trusted brands in the psychedelic world. Their tagline is “GET READY TO UNLOCK THE UNIVERSE”, which says a lot about the products. Trippy Extrax’s main products are tinctures and Mushroom chocolates.

Their tinctures are meant to take you to a state of tranquility and peace. Trippy Extrax’s products offer some serious “kick” and you might have an experience where you get to know the real you!

Their products are super energizing and mood-lifting. They help you relax and may reduce your anxiety. The calming effects of the products put you in a state of creativity and can make you more focused. So if you are an adventurous soul, looking for an amazing, fulfilling, and enlightening experience, Trippy Extrax is the place for you.

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